Social Media

A dedicated and managed approach to social media gives you a steady base from which to start growing your brand presence online, creating opportunities to interact with loyal consumers, while also attracting brand new customers, any one of which could be your next big order!

At the end of 2020, there were 2.74 billion monthly active users of Facebook around the globe, and the growth of that number does not show any signs of slowing down, so if you want to get your brand, products or services in front of new eyes to attract fresh customers to your business, social media is definitely the place to be.

At Maple Tree we offer a dedicated and thoughtful approach to your social media, getting to know your company and brand so that we can deliver social media management that fits within your wider marketing strategy and activities. We always welcome feedback, we never reuse our content and we do not copy the content of other sites or your competition, as it is our belief that social media yields the best results when managed with care and attention.