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Our Portfolio

Here are a few companies we've worked with to improve their online engagement, sales and marketing strategy. 

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The Statistics

Below is our progress report with a small cosmetic company called Bee Clean Soaps. We started to work alongside Bee Clean Soaps in the summer of 2021, looking after the website, POS system, social media, and marketing. Below are the rounded out statistics showing what we achieved in the first six months of working with Bee Clean. On the left are the statistics between January and June 2021 and on the right are the statistics from July to December 2021. We started working with Bee Clean Soaps in July 2021.

The growth from 30 to 151 is a rise of 400% in sales from online orders.

The growth from £780 to £1100 is a rise of 41% in sales from online sale profits.

The growth from 2,100 to 5,600 is a rise of 167% in Online Store Sessions (OSS).

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Our Result Promise

If you don't see a dramatic increase in statistics while working with us for a year, you're entitled to a second year with us for 75% off.