Pay Per Click

Research and date tells us that 89% of people begin their buying process with a search engine, so getting that number one position is crucial if you want to make it through that first stage of consideration. To do this, PPC might be your way forward.

It is highly likely that the first stage of a customer’s purchasing journey will be done through a Google search, with 89% of people using a search engine first to compare sellers, and if you want their business you need to be right there at the top. They might already know of your business, it’s possible they’ve seen some of your social media posts or have heard about your business from a friend or family member, but when they open up Google to do their first search they will collect a series of providers and begin researching them, comparing cost and quality, but if you weren’t one of them then you’ve all but lost out.

At Maple Tree we utilise our knowledge and experience to create purpose built Pay Per Click advertisements that can help you achieve your goals, whether they are getting sales, generating leads or encouraging store visits, whatever you need to help your business grow, we can make it happen. We work closely with you to understand your business and what it does, so that we can develop adverts that best reflect your products or services, but most importantly your brand personality, to ensure that your PPC adverts are consistent with the rest of your marketing efforts, so as to maintain a coherent customer journey.