Digital Tree

If you want to up your game and take your business to the next level by getting online in a big way, then the comprehensive digital platform and launch package that is offered with Digital Tree is the solution you have been looking for! Offering a complete deal that includes a bespoke website and custom digital marketing management plan, digital Tree is Maple Tree’s one stop solution for taking your business online and making sure you kick off your internet presence with a bang.

If you come on board with the all-in-one Digital Tree package, we will work closely with you to create a bespoke and comprehensive digital launch package that will allow you to take your business online all while making your new enterprise known to all who might be your customer, creating a consistent approach all while fitting perfectly with your business and branding.

The Digital Tree offering covers two major areas; website development and digital marketing management. The first major step is website development, where we will work with you to design and develop a custom built website that perfectly reflects your current business and branding, incorporating everything you need to take your business online, or upgrade your current internet presence. The benefits of taking your business online are numerous, but some key ones include:

  • Extending your sales potential to a national and international scale.
  • Give your customers a convenient way to browse your products and services.
  • Protect yourself against any unexpected issues that would stop customers from accessing your stores.

While this is all true, without a planned and well executed launch, it will likely have all been for nought, and that is where the second half of Digital Tree comes in. While our web development team gets your state of the art site ready to make a splash on the internet scene, our digital marketing crew will begin preparing the campaign that will make sure you get to the top of the trending tab. 

Utilising our experience in digital marketing and design, we prepare a cohesive marketing campaign that will help elevate your business to new heights in your online endeavours. First, we begin using your social media to tease the launch of your website, creating original and eye catching content that will increase follower numbers and engagement rates across your desired platforms, ready to start directing them to your website as soon as it goes live. 

Additionally, once the website is ready, we can launch a Pay Per Click promotional campaign to start rapidly driving relevant visitor numbers to your fresh new site, growing awareness of your brand and generating sales or enquiries, whatever it is you want to get out of your site, we can help you achieve it.