About Us

You’ve started a business, and you’re getting off the ground or maybe you have a business and you’re not sure how to set up online – How’re you going to market yourself? Do you have the vision but lack the skills? Do you need an intuitive website to showcase your product? It can all be a little overwhelming…

That’s where we come in, helping new and existing companies solve modern problems with modern solutions. Making an internet presence that works for you and your business needn’t be hard, and that’s what we’re here to help you with. We faced a lot of the same hurdles and asked the same questions, now we want to share the process and help others make a presence on the digital stage for the world to see. Combining code writing, business marketing and graphic design skills, a small group of good friends got together and asked the question:

“How do we market a business in today’s environment effectively?”

Dedicated to finding the right answer, Maple Tree Design took form, actively developing practical and cost effective marketing solutions for you and your business – We understand the struggles posed in today’s business environment and we’re here to help.

Here at Maple Tree we provide a wider array of services, including web systems, logos, and social media management, and we’re flexible about it too, creating unique business solutions to suit you. Northern based, we’ve worked with a number of national companies and clients and continue to do so, offering additional support in upkeep/maintenance of the solutions we develop for you. That’s where we stand out, whilst other providers may leave you in the dark clueless as to how your new solution works, we maintain an ongoing relationship with clients to ensure their needs are met. 

Our services are built around you, whether you’re looking for effective social media management at a competitive price or are wanting to freshen up your website design/functionality, we’ve got you covered. We’re flexible with our solutions and we want you to succeed. If you’ve got something specific in mind, just ask! Simply contact the team through our contact us page with your enquiry and we’ll get in touch. 

We hope to grow Maple Tree, reaching out to new opportunities and branching connections with others. We care about what we do and we’re proud to do it well.