Why SEO Is Important?

Asking important questions about the web...


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. But what does that mean?

It refers to the optimisation of website traffic by improving quantity and quality of clicks. This can be achieved by a number of methods, discussed later in this blog.

But why is SEO so important? I'm online and that's enough... right?

You may be online already, which is a brilliant start! But to see results from your website, SEO needs to be at the forefront of your mind. It can seem like a daunting task at first but taking the time to understand how your pages are viewed by audiences and indexed on search engines, like Google, can help you achieve your traffic goals and create a successful website!

Investing in SEO can be a sure method of gaining traction on an otherwise empty website, with the aim of getting more conversions by simply following some key steps and suggestions.

Making a Start

If you have the time and the willingness to learn this new skill, invest in SEO materials such as books or online courses to further your understanding of the subject and getting the basics nailed down.

I've found 'SEO for Dummies' to be a great start, just don't take the name too seriously...

It's ideal at breaking down SEO into easy to read components and includes some great metric tools for testing your own site for SEO.

Begin by adding small changes to your website, making your site easier to see and use. Here are three easy methods to get yourself going:

- Content - Is the content engaging, relevant and quick to load?

- Keywords - Does the content make use of your businesses keywords?

- Page speed - How fast does the page load on both desktop and mobile?

The content on your pages takes time to load on devices, and some loads quicker than others. High quality images and videos can add multiple seconds to load times which, believe it or not, can have a drastic impact on your traffic statistics, as nobody likes a slow loading webpage!

Try editing/removing some of the more visual content to reduce file sizes and therefore decrease the website load times, making the pages feel quicker and more responsive overall.

Keywords are very important for being found organically on search engines. A keyword, simply put, is a word/phrase which is used when searching up a particular topic online. 'SEO' is a keyword which returns 697 million results and can be very hard to effectively rank for, especially when you want to be on the first page of Google. Try finding keywords which are more specific to your business, perhaps adding a location would reduce the keyword ranking difficulty, such as:

'SEO Services UK' = 67.3million results

Create a list of keywords that best describe your business which will help audiences find you in the ocean of web links online. Once completed, simply add these keywords naturally into your blog and website content and you should start ranking more effectively on Googles results pages. Remember, you want to be on Google front page to have a real shot at being found so learn the importance of keywords!

Finally, page speeds of your website can drastically alter the way your website is perceived as you need engaging content available within the first few seconds of your link being clicked. If a user leaves your site within the first three seconds, this is known as a bounce and is measured as a websites 'bounce rate'. A high bounce rate means users are leaving your site and needs to be addressed urgently. It's important now more than ever to have a site load quickly on both desktop and mobile. More and more users choose to consume content on their phone or tablet as apposed to desktop and this will show on your sites users analytics pages.

Page speed can be improved by removing unused code, shrinking image file sizes and SEO speed applications which can be applied to your website from a third party provider.

What if I don't have the time to learn SEO?

If you want results from effective SEO, you need to invest either in the time or in the people with the skills/knowhow to make your website work for you. Having an engaging online presence takes a lot of work and dedication. If you simply don't have the time to invest, you may consider hiring in the help you need from an outside specialist. You may be looking for an affordable SEO marketing solution or affordable SEO services company...

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